Requesting Pros for Shifts After Booking
Written by Brett Camacho
Updated over a week ago

You now have the opportunity to request your favorite pros for shifts you have already booked!

To get started, view your "Upcoming shifts" and select any of your future shifts.

From the Shift Management screen, select "Request a pro"

You will be able to search through your rostered pros and select any pros you would like to directly request for this shift:

To request a pro/s for the shift:

  1. search for and select the pros you would like to add

  2. Click "Request Pros" in the bottom right of the screen

Once this is complete, these pros will be notified that they have been requested for the shift and will be able to easily book the shift!

You can also view the status of all of your current pro requests by clicking the "requested pros" tab

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