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How do I change payment settings? (US)
How do I change payment settings? (US)
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*The following article is for our Pros that reside in the US.

You can now choose when you get paid (frequency) and where you get paid (account type) in Payment settings for your 1099 earnings.

Choose when you get paid (Frequency):

  • Weekly - We send your earnings every Wednesday for all shifts from the previous one-week pay period (Monday through Sunday).

  • Instapay - For Silver or above Top Pros, we send your earnings every time you clock out of Instapay-eligible shifts marked by the ⚡️ icon. Earnings from non-Instapay eligible shifts will still be sent weekly.

Choose where your money is sent (Account type):

  • Instawork Card - Your 1099 earnings will be available just 5 minutes after payment is sent. If you’re a Gold or above Top Pro and don’t already have the Instawork Card - apply today!

  • Personal debit cards - Your 1099 earnings will be available an hour after you get paid. Some exceptions may apply.

  • Checking account - Your earnings will be available 3 business days after payment is sent.

If you apply for your Instawork Card on or after June 6th, you must activate your physical card before you can get Instawork earnings, including free Instapay, on the Instawork Card. Please allow 7-14 calendar days for your card to arrive in the mail.

There is a $3 fee per payout for Instapay sent to a non-Instawork Card.

Starting on May 1st, 2023, we will be introducing a $3 fee per Instapay payout for Instapay that is not going to the Instawork Card. You can always get paid for free by choosing Weekly Pay in your payment settings.

Or, you can still get Instapay for free on Instapay-eligible shifts by applying for and choosing the Instawork Card as your Payment account and maintaining a Top Pro level of Silver or above.

Note on W-2 earnings: At this time, all W-2 earnings will still be sent to your checking account on a weekly basis. We are working on giving you the flexibility to choose when and where to get paid for W-2 earnings, as well; stay tuned for updates!

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