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Adjusting Rates on Multiple Shifts
Adjusting Rates on Multiple Shifts
Written by Brett Camacho
Updated over a week ago

You now have the ability to increase base rates on groups of upcoming shifts using the Advanced Shift Editor!

To get started, select the "Edit upcoming shifts" option on the Upcoming Shifts page

You will then see the Advanced Shift Editor, where you will be able to select the shifts you would like to increase base rates for. You can use the filters below to help find your shifts to change:

  • Shift name

  • Date Range

  • Location

  • Position

Once you have filtered for the shifts you are looking for, you can select the shifts you would like to edit using the checkboxes on the left.

After making your selection, click "Edit Shifts" to choose your adjustment. You will then be presented with your adjustment options. There are two types of rate adjustments that you can use with this tool for when you would like "Pricing to go into effect"

  • Immediately: With this option, all shift rates will be increased immediately to the newly selected rate.

  • Only after a new pro picks up this shift: With this option, professionals that have already signed up for the shift will not have their rate increased until a new pro picks up the shift. This is best used when increasing rates to boost your shift fill rate!

Once you have selected your rates and reasons for change, submit the update by clicking "Update Shifts". Once this is complete, you will be able to see your adjusted shifts with their new rates!

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