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Professional Application Process for Long-Term Staffing
Professional Application Process for Long-Term Staffing
Written by Jeremy Hudson
Updated over a week ago

What is the Professional application process?

When you select the long-term staffing option, Pros must complete an additional process to apply for your long-term shifts. This helps us to match you with Pros who will be best suited to your long-term needs.

The Pro application process takes the following into account:

  • The Pros’ understanding of the work they will be doing

  • Why they’re looking for long-term work

  • Their proximity to the work location

  • Their transportation plan

We also use a number of data points we have for each Pro including:

  • Prior ratings and blocks

  • Attendance record

  • Average tenure with prior Partners

  • Attitude feedback

Why do long-term shifts require a 5-day lead time?

Having at least 5 days of lead time allows us to collect a much larger number of applications for your shifts by giving more Pros the time to complete the process. This helps us to match you with the Pros that best fit your requirements. While 5 days is the minimum, we recommend a lead time of 7 days or longer to get the best possible fit and fill rate.

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