At Instawork, we believe that a job well done should always be recognized. That’s why we’re introducing Achievements - a badge of honor to celebrate your accomplishments as an Instawork professional.

Here's what each Instawork Achievement means: 


You earn this Achievement when you get two friends to work a gig with Instawork. Helping a friend is always a good thing.

Big Debut: 

You Earn this Achievement when you complete your first gig. Because the first gig is your first step into the spotlight.

Everyone’s favorite: 

You earn this Achievement when Instawork partners give you a 4-star or 5-star rating and you’re added to their favorites list. It feels good to be loved. 

Instawork Gold: 

Gold For The Win! Work 10 gigs, invite 2 friends and maintain an average rating of 4.5 to become Gold. Then, you get early access to gigs and extra Gold bonuses.


You earn this Achievement when you work 3, 5 or 10 gigs. Working hard pays off! 

Napa Explorer: 

There are many events in Napa and they’re always nice. You earn this Achievement when you work a gig in the Wine Country. Because wine not? 

Weekly streak: 

You earn this Achievement when you work at least one gig per week. The weekly streak shows how many consecutive weeks you've worked a gig. Consistent hard work leads to success. 

Check out your achievements in the Instawork app.

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