We understand that things don’t always go as planned and occasionally you may have to cancel a shift. Here is what you need to know about cancelling shifts.

How to cancel a shift

  1. Click into the shift details

  2. Click cancel shift

  3. If this is a recurring shift, select all the shifts you want to cancel. If this is not a recurring shift, there will only be one option.

  4. Add a cancellation reason

  5. Review all the details and click "Cancel shift"

  6. Click "Confirm & cancel"

Cancellation policy & fee

At Instawork, we understand time is valuable. Professionals make sacrifices to work your shifts and they are counting on the income. If shifts are cancelled at the last minute, that is time lost where they could have picked up a shift with another partner.

Therefore, the cancellation charge incurred represents the missed earnings for the scheduled team. We encourage you to cancel shifts as early as possible to avoid this charge and to give Professionals the time to find other work.

A cancellation charge will apply under the following circumstances:

  • If the partner cancels a shift less than 24 hours before the shift start time, the partner will be charged up to 4 hours of pay for any Professional booked on the shift.

A cancellation charge will not apply under the following circumstances:

  • If the shift is cancelled more than 24 hours before shift start time.

  • If there is no Professional assigned to the shift, even if the shift is cancelled within 24 hours before shift start time.

More information is available in our Online Service Agreement.

Please consider utilizing the worker you have scheduled, to be respectful of the schedules of our professionals, who may have passed on other work opportunities to join you.

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