Sometimes things come up and you need to cancel a set of shifts. With Instawork, you can take care of this on your own. For additional information on canceling gigs, click here.

Here's (a 70-second) video on how to do it with screenshots below.

First, log in to your dashboard and select the relevant shift.

Second, select "Cancel shift" at the top of the page

Third, select the shifts you want to cancel and the reason (at the bottom of the page).

Note: if you are canceling shifts within 24 hours of a shift starting, you will be charged a fee, which is the minimum of 4 hours of a pro's time or the shift length. We do this to be fair to our pros that have committed in advance to work for you and have given up other work opportunities!

Fourth, you'll receive a confirmation; click "Confirm and cancel" and you're all set!

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