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Can I hire an Instawork Professional for a permanent position?
Can I hire an Instawork Professional for a permanent position?

Hiring an Instawork Professional

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Using Instawork can be a great way to preview staff before considering a long-term engagement, and we’re so glad you found a Professional you want to hire!

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, and in accordance with Section 4.7 in our Online Service Agreement, Instawork will bill Partners a Direct Hire Fee for each Professional hired or otherwise directly engaged as follows:

  • The direct hire fee is USD $2,500

  • If the Instawork Professional has worked at least 320 hours with you, the direct hire fee is USD $1,000

Follow the steps below to hire an Instawork Professional:

1) Post a recurring shift on Instawork and select 'Potential full-time opportunity.” When you choose this option, Professionals can see a badge that explains that the shift can lead to a full-time role. This increases your chances of finding Professionals who are open to a full-time opportunity.

Booking flow

Pro app badge

2) If you want to hire or otherwise directly engage a Professional after they have worked a few shifts, you can discuss the hiring terms with them. Once a Professional has joined you as an employee or other direct hire, you will mark them as 'Hired' in the dashboard.

There are two ways to mark a Pro as hired:

  • Navigate to the 'Professionals" tab > My Roster > Click on the three dots menu next to the professional > Click 'Mark as Hired' Note: Professional should have previously been added to the roster or rated 5 stars by you to show up in 'Your roster' list

  • Navigate to the 'Professionals" tab > Hired > scroll to find the Pro you hired under "Frequently booked Pros" > Choose "Hired"

3) Once you've marked a Professional as hired, you will be charged the direct hire fee in accordance with our Online Services Agreement, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Your next invoice will reflect the direct hire fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How soon can I hire a Professional after they've worked their first shift?

While you can hire a Professional who has worked just one shift for you, we encourage you to book Professionals for more shifts through Instawork before hiring them directly. Doing so may reduce your direct hire fee and also increases your chance of ensuring the Professional is a good long-term fit for your company.

Q) I did not mark the shift as 'Potential full-time opportunity'. Can I still hire Professionals from that shift?

Yes, you can hire Professionals even if the shift was not marked as a “Potential full-time opportunity” by going to your roster and following the instructions above.

Q) Will Instawork help me negotiate the offer with the candidate?

Partners can discuss hiring terms directly with Professionals, but Instawork at this time does not participate in the offer and negotiation process.

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