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W-2 Shifts Are Here!

Here is everything you need to know about booking W-2 shifts with Instawork.

Written by Jacky
Updated this week

By becoming a W-2 employee of Instawork's affiliate, Advantage Workforce Services, you will have access to all of the shifts you are used to seeing on the Instawork app, plus additional shifts offered by some our largest Partners!

To start seeing these shifts within the app, the first thing you will need to do is complete the W-2 Onboarding process.

Once you have completed your forms, we will send an email to the person that you identified as your authorized representative to verify the do. You will also receive an email from our partner, Evident, to complete a background check, which opens up even more shifts! Once you're set up for W-2, that's it!

How do I start the onboarding?
Within the app, navigate to the profile section. Once there, scroll down to the bottom and tap on 'Get started' within the 'W-2 onboarding' section to begin the process.

What are the benefits of W-2 shifts?

  • You will get access to hundreds of additional shifts from new and existing Partners. MORE SHIFTS = MORE $$$

  • We will withhold taxes for you which means less stress and confusion during tax season

What forms will I be completing?
You will be completing all of the forms you normally would for any new job that you are starting such as an I-9 form.

Do I need anything to complete these forms?
All you will need are the forms of identification identified on the I-9 Form. Use this guide to make sure you are providing the proper forms of identification needed as well as the correct issuing authority.  

Who can I use as a an authorized representative?
Any non-family member over the age of 18 can be your authorized representative.

How will I know if the forms are completed?
Once you have completed the forms, you will see "Your documents have been submitted" in which we're waiting for your authorized representative to verify your documents. 

Once your account has been activated for W-2, you will see shifts listed in the app as normal but will also say "W-2 shift" next to the earnings of that shift.

How much will I be paid for these shifts?
Just like all other shifts, you will see the pay for W-2 shifts listed in the app but we will be withholding taxes from the pay rate you see in the app. For example, if the shift is $200, you'll be compensated a little bit less than that amount.

When will I be paid for these shifts?
Payments for W-2 shifts are processed once a week on Tuesdays and are deposited every Friday. Please review this FAQ for more information on how to get paid.

Are there any paystubs?
Yes! Paystubs are provided after you've gotten paid. Physical copies are sent to your address on the I-9 but you are also able to view the digital copies here.

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