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How to Review Disputes

Reviewing submitted disputes by Professionals

Written by Jacky
Updated over a week ago

The expectation when Partners book shifts are that Professionals would work the hours scheduled they had booked. In some cases, the actual hours Professionals worked could be different from what was expected. In addition to Partners being able to make slight adjustments up to 2 hours to the start/end time and length of the break after the shift ends, we've given Professionals the ability to submit disputes with the same restraint. However, in rare instances when Professionals work beyond 2 hours scheduled, a dispute by Instawork will be created to reflect the actual hours the Professionals worked. 

When disputes are created, you will see a banner at the top of how many Pros are requesting an adjustment to their hours. Click on "View details" to view the details of the dispute.

When considering the details of the dispute, you will see the name of the Professional and what the old times were as "Current billable hours" and the times they are disputing they worked as "Proposed billable hours". Additionally, you'll see the reason why they are submitting a dispute and the total change between the two times.

Rejecting the dispute will not charge you for the proposed times, but approving the dispute will. If you don't reject or approve it within 3 days, the dispute will auto-approve so please be sure to connect with the on-site contacts to determine whether or not the dispute is valid.

If you there are any discrepancies regarding the disputes, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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