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Partner Health Safety Measures

Partners can now add their workplace health safety measures while booking a shift

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At Instawork we are committed to keeping our partners and professionals safe! We have realized that many Instawork partners have taken measures to offer a safe workplace to their own as well as temp staff. Our professionals have also told us that health safety measures at the shift site is the most important factor for them to pick up any new shift. Therefore, we now offer our partners an easy way to list the health safety measures at their location.

How partners benefit from adding health safety measures

  • Higher fill rate: All professionals are anxious to work at a new site. A partner that has taken all the necessary health measures will attract more professionals thereby driving up their fill rate.

  • Better ratings: Professionals get to rate their shift experience at the end of a shift. If professionals feel safe they will rate the partner higher and the partner will attract higher quality professionals

  • Health Safety badge: Standout from other shifts getting posted. Coming soon!

How it works

  • After booking a shift, Partners will be shown a prompt to fill in their health and safety measures.

Health Safety Measures
  • Partners can easily select what they provide or policies in place. Don't worry, you only have to fill it once!

  • These measures will be shown to Instawork Professionals when they review shiftdetails

By adding these safety measures, and keeping them up to date, our partners can ensure that they become a preferred partner for thousands of Instawork Professionals.

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