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Training: Picking and Packing

Basics of picking and packing process in a warehouse

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Picking is the process of selecting inventory from storage to be included in a customer’s order. RF guns (or scanners) are used to identify items to be picked which are then put in a tray box. Packing involves placing the items the the final packaging using the appropriate materials along with any document/receipt before the package is labelled and shipped to the end customer.

Process Flow

  • Orders are received and printed by the inventory manager.

  • Once orders have been printed and sorted, the next step on the workflow is picking, packing and shipping.

  • The majority of units are picked in batches prior to moving to a sorting area.

  • Once in the sorting area, units are then grouped into individual orders and are then moved to a packing station.

  • The packing process involves packing orders into the smallest box or package possible while making sure there’s adequate protection.

  • Packing also involves rechecking the product and labelling the boxes with the proper tracking invoice copy while ensuring the order invoice is kept inside the package.

  • Sometimes, international and domestic orders are split and the proper customs paperwork for international orders are completed.

  • The packages are then palletized, and shipped by loading them in the shipping area.

Watch below video to understand how an end to end picking/packing process is executed in a warehouse

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