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Training: Picking and Packing Best Practices
Training: Picking and Packing Best Practices

How to succeed as a picker/packer in a warehouse

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Working as a picker and packer in a warehouse can be demanding and requires fast execution and attention to detail (if you haven't done it already, then go through the basic training of picking and packing in a warehouse).

What skills and traits are required to work in a Picker/Packer role?

  • Fast speed of execution: Productivity in these roles is measured by the number of picked or packed items per hour or units per hour (UPH). Maintaining a high UPH rate is extremely important since warehouse productivity is measured by the number of units that are shipped in or out. The worker with the highest rate of picking/packing gets recognized and secures higher chances of getting calls for working more shifts from the partner!!

  • Attention to detail: Following directions and using basic common sense to ensure that objects are stacked in the right order with the right packaging material. There is a low margin for error because a poorly packed order (or a wrong item) can result in a poor customer experience.

  • Physical fitness: Both picking and packing roles demand a pro to be on their feet for long hours and might require lifting up heavy packages. Professionals should ensure that they are well rested before their shift because the work can at time be demanding.

  • Knowledge of RF scanners/gun: Pretty much all of the picking/packing/shipping operations are run using RF scanners. These scanners are mostly handheld or worn on wrists and they show the details of the scanned item and also direct the workers to the exact location (aisle) of the item.

Best Practices to succeed as a Picker and Packer

  1. Familiarize with the warehouse layout to save time spent searching for items (go through our training on basic warehouse layout and terminologies)

  2. Identify the appropriate method for picking like batch, zone, or wave picking (more details here)

  3. Know the aisles of the items that are frequently ordered.

  4. Pay attention to details and recheck the items to be picked , thus following the rule of ‘Touch Items Once’

  5. Avoid cluttering the warehouse floors which will help in traversing easily through different zones of the warehouse.

  6. Maintain organized shelves help reduce the time taken for accessing an item.

  7. While packing, re-scan the products for each order to make sure the items on the packing slip are the ones you’re putting in the box.

  8. Follow proper infill instructions that allows the packer to quickly reach for the proper packing materials of the right size for each order.

  9. Declutter the packing area by maintaining a flat area that is wide enough to accommodate all typical packages.

  10. Take special care of fragile items or any item that can be damaged under weight of other items. Such items should ideally be bubble wrapped and/or kept at the top of all items.

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