Patron Tips

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as state and local law, designates patron or customer tips intended for a Professional as the sole property of that Professional (subject to applicable tip pooling regulation). So if a patron leaves a tip, Partners should pass those tips on to the Professional through the Instawork tipping process described below.

Partner Tips

Partners are not required to tip Professionals, but they are also not prohibited from tipping. If a Partner wants to give a tip to a Professional (e.g., for exemplary work), they should likewise follow the Instawork tipping process described below.

How to Issue Tips to a Professional

After a shift is over, you can tip a specific professional or divide a tip amongst all professionals on a shift.

  1. To pay a tip, click the 'Pay tip' button in your email receipt or go to your 'Past shifts' on the website.

  2. Click the Pay tips button.

3. Enter a tip amount. You can split the tip equally amongst all professionals or tip a specific professional.

The tip is charged on your default payment method and paid to the Professional as part of their normal pay cycle. Instawork passes through all tips to Professionals but charges Partners an additional 4% payment processing fee for tips paid through invoicing.

Please note that the tip amount per Professional cannot exceed six times the total cost you paid for the shift. If you want to leave a larger Partner Tip, or if a customer has left a Patron Tip exceeding that amount, please contact our support team.

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