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Health Checklist Requirement

What you need to complete while confirming your upcoming shift.

Written by Jacky
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Instawork's top priority is protecting the health and safety of our Community. To reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 infection for our Professionals and Partners, we are requiring that every Professional complete a health checklist 24 hours in advance while confirming their upcoming shift.

It is critical to carefully answer each question on the checklist. Responding "Yes" to the questions listed below will result in account suspension for 5 days or indefinitely until your proof of health is verified. You will be required to provide documentation confirming negative test results before reactivating your account.

What will I be asked to confirm in this checklist?

You will be asked to verify whether you:

  • Exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms as listed in CDC and WHO guidelines.

  • Have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Have been tested for COVID-19 and the result of the test.

Why do I have to complete this checklist before every shift?

It's our responsibility to ensure Instawork Professionals work in a safe environment, which includes no one exhibiting any symptoms of possible infection. The risk of COVID infection is very high, and we have to carefully navigate our workspaces in this pandemic. Your health can change from day-to-day, so it's important that we verify your status frequently and maintain up-to-date information prior to every shift worked. All of our professionals will be required to complete this health checklist when confirming their shifts in the app. (24 hours before the shift start time).

Why am I sometimes asked to complete the checklist when I am trying to book a shift?

If you book a shift within 24 hours of the shift start time, you will not be asked to confirm the shiftin the app. In such cases, you are required to complete the health checklist before you book last-minute shifts.

What happens if a Professional indicates that he or she has symptoms or has been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient?

If a Professional indicates that he or she has any symptoms or has been in close contact with someone who has been tested positive, then per CDC and WHO guidelines, we will remove that Professional from all future shifts over the next 5 days (without penalty) and encourage him or her to follow precautionary guidelines. During that 5-day period, we highly encourage the Professional to get tested and provide documentation of the results, even if their symptoms disappear and they feel fit to resume work.

What if a Professional who is infected (or suspected of infection) has tested negative for COVID-19?

We encourage all of our professionals to take advantage of free testing facilitating provided by local agencies. Any Instawork Professional who is suspended from booking shifts due to the health checklist or reported exposure can contact Instawork Support by sending an in-app message or pressing "?", the Support team will request documentation indicating negative results and will reactivate the account once provided.

CDC recommends that everyone who has been infected (or suspected of infection) should get themselves tested twice before resuming normal activities to avoid false negatives. Instawork Professionals will be required to submit their test results to verify that they are healthy and can resume work.

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