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How do I add a billing contact to my account?
How do I add a billing contact to my account?

Forwarding invoice emails to your accounting team

Written by Olivia Clark
Updated over a week ago

By default, the team member who posts a shift will receive a summary & receipt at the end of the shift.

However, we understand that some businesses have separate billing contacts that need to approve invoices from Instawork. The way your billing is set up will determine how you add new billing contacts.

Billing method: instant billing

If you have signed up to be billed immediately after the shift ends - also known as instant billing - our team can help adjust the billing contacts on your account. Contact your designated account manager or our Support Team to make this change.

Billing method: weekly invoicing

If you are set up on weekly invoicing, you can add billing contacts directly in the dashboard by following these steps:

  • Click the three lines on the top right-hand corner

  • Choose “Account Settings”

  • Click on “Payment methods”

  • Under “Billing Contact”, click “Edit”

  • Enter the business email address for the person you want to add

  • Click “Update”

If adding multiple email addresses, separate email addresses with a comma and a space.


Do billing contacts need to have an Instawork account to receive the invoice emails?

No. Billing contacts do not need an Instawork account to receive the invoice emails.

Can my billing contact make invoice adjustments or view past invoices?

To make sure someone has access to the dashboard to make adjustments or view past invoices, you will need to add them to your Instawork account as a team member. Here is how you can do that.

How can I correct an error in my invoice?

If you need to make an adjustment to your Draft Invoice in order to approve it, you can edit the timesheets associated with that shift. Learn how to do that here.

When are invoices sent to the billing contact?

Draft Invoices are sent to billing contacts on Monday for the shifts that occurred the week before. Final invoices are sent to billing contacts on Tuesday.

Can I receive my invoices on a different day?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Our invoices go out on Tuesdays for all Partners, and we are not able to change that at this time.

While we can’t send invoices on a different day, you can use the reporting functionality on your dashboard to review how much you have been billed in a certain time period.

How can I make a change to a Final Invoice?

To inquire about adjustments to Final Invoices, please contact your account manager or our Support Team at

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