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Appealing a Suspension
Appealing a Suspension
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Appeal Rules

We understand that some cancels are unavoidable and our in-app appeal flow is designed to help us manage your requests. There are some rules to understand when appealing a suspension.

  1. We reserve the right to deny or approve any appeal for any reason.
    We do our best to take into account your appeal, but abuse of appeals will not be tolerated.

  2. If you frequently appeal suspensions your appeals could start being automatically denied.
    This process is meant to help pros who are doing the right thing. To avoid suspensions, do not book shifts you likely need to cancel and plan ahead for getting to shifts on time.

  3. Suspensions due to a no-shows have a low chance of being appealed.
    Please make sure to cancel your shift even if it is last-minute. No-shows are the worst kind of suspension.

How do I start an appeal?

To start an appeal, go to the Open Shifts screen under the "Current suspension" section and press the blue "Appeal Suspension" link.
If you do not see this link, you are not allowed to appeal this suspension.

After clicking "Appeal Suspension" you'll be asked for details and then you'll be automatically notified when we've made our decision. It may take up to an hour to process your appeal.

Can I appeal an appeal decision?

No, once we inform you of a decision in the app, there are no further ways to appeal your suspension. Support can not overturn an appeal decision. You will be able to book shifts again once your suspension has ended.

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