Life happens

We understand that sometimes you need to cancel a shift last minute. If you do need to cancel, do so as early as possible. Do not contact the partner to cancel your shift. Instead, use the Instawork app to cancel or get your shift covered as soon as possible.

Cancellation Policy

No-show to work

A no-show is not showing up to your booked shift and not canceling ahead of time.

No-shows are a serious offense because it hurts everyone. If you don’t show up and don’t cancel the shift, you’ll be suspended immediately and removed from future shifts.

Multiple no-shows in a short amount of time are penalized with long suspensions and potential deactivation from the platform.

Late cancels

Canceling a shift within 24 hours of the shift start time is a late cancel. Late cancels leave little time for other Pros to work the shift.

A late cancel may lead to a suspension and removal of future shifts.

Missing your shift confirmation

We'll ask you to confirm your shift 48 hours before it starts. If you don’t confirm by 16 hours before the shift, you’ll be removed, and the shift will be a late cancel.

Free cancels

After booking a shift, there is a 5-minute period to cancel the shift without any penalties. There is a timer for this period displayed on the shift details screen.


Your reliability makes Instawork a better platform for your fellow pros as well as businesses. Frequently policy violations may lead to permanent deactivation of your account.

Suspension Guide

  • If you have shifts booked during your suspension, you are still expected to work those shifts.
    Suspensions only prevent you from booking new shifts and may remove some of your future shifts.

  • If you are suspended, you can go to the Open Shifts screen to see your suspension details. This includes your suspension duration and why you were suspended.

  • You can appeal a suspension using the "Appeal suspension" link in the suspension details. If you do not see a link, you cannot appeal this suspension.
    View more information about Appeals.

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