While we ensure reliability of our Professionals, it’s also possible that they cannot make it to the gig due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we book backup Professional(s) in advance to take the place of any pro who no-shows or cancels last minute.

What is a paid backup?

A Paid backup is guaranteed 4 hours of payment, with the chance of working the shift if needed. Paid Backups must arrive on time ready to work in order to receive the 4 hours of payment. ( If the paid backup arrives more than 15 minutes late it will disqualify them from any payment)

*Please note that you must arrive to these shifts you have scheduled in order to get paid. Please do not message the partner beforehand asking if you are needed. That is against our policy and will be considered as a no-show if you do not arrive.

What do these paid backup shifts look like in the app?

Paid Backup Shifts will be noted as 'paid backup' under the shift.

What do I do once I arrive to the shift?

Once you arrive, you will need to check in with the lead, captain, or supervisor to see if you will be needed to work the shift.

  1. Click on 'Next Steps' Once you have arrived to the shift

  2. If you are sent home, please select NOT Needed. If you are needed for the shift, please select I Am Needed in order to clock in.

2. If you select I am NOT needed, your 4 hours of pay will be processed automatically (please do not clock in if you are sent home)

What happens if my paid back up shift is moved to a normal shift?

If any spots open on the main shift before the shift starts, the paid backup will be swapped to the normal shift automatically and professionals are expected to work the full shift.

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