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What are Onsite Captains?
What are Onsite Captains?
Written by Brett Camacho
Updated over a week ago

What are Onsite Captains?

Onsite Captains are Professionals that are vetted by Instawork to provide logistical support and facilitate the flow of shifts. Onsite Captains make the shift experience run more smoothly from start to finish, assist and provide feedback on other Pros, and support Partners operationally when possible. Onsite Captains do NOT work alongside other Pros, but instead operate in a distinct position dedicated to logistical support.

What responsibilities do Onsite Captains have?

  1. Shift Information: Onsite Captains arrive at their scheduled start time, which is often 30-60 minutes before shift start time. They find the clock-in location, introduce themselves to your team, and can share with other Professionals in the shift group any necessary information via in-app chat.

  2. Clock In and Clock Out: Onsite Captains can facilitate clock in and clock out for the other Pros in the shift group.

  3. Assignment Assistance: Onsite Captains can support your check-in or assignment process.

  4. Time Adjustments: Onsite Captains can enter requests to adjust clock-in and clock-out time and break length for Pros in the shift group.

  5. Real-Time Feedback: Onsite Captains can enter information in-app about Pros who do not show up to the shift, Pros who are sent home due to overbooking, and/or Pros suspected of time theft or fraud.

  6. Shift Feedback: The same way all Pros in a shift group can provide feedback on their fellow Pros, Onsite Captains provide feedback as well.

What does it mean for Instawork to book an Onsite Captain for me? What are the fees?

For large-volume shifts of 25+ pros, we recommend that you book a Captain for your shifts in order to enhance the logistics and operations of your shifts. Onsite Captains are billed to Partners just like Pros. If you book an Onsite Captain, the Captain’s hours will be included on your next invoice.

How can I ensure I'll have an Onsite Captain?

Companies can always book Onsite Captains themselves, just like booking other Pros. When booking your shifts and selecting the positions, simply select Onsite Captain. If you do not see Onsite Captain as an option to book, please reach out to your Instawork Account Manager to have the position added.

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