What is an Onsite Captain?

Onsite Captains are workers that are vetted by Instawork and are managerial figures. They are vetted and trained thoroughly by our team and can execute a range of managerial tasks. The key goals for Onsite Captains are to make the logistical shift experience more smooth for our pros, to supervise and provide feedback on professionals, and to support Partners operationally when possible. These pros will NOT work alongside other pros, but instead operate in a management function.

What responsibilities do Onsite Captains have?

The key expectations that Instawork has for all Onsite Captains are as follows:

  • Show up to the shift at their scheduled time (this is strongly recommended to be 30-60 minutes before other workers start)

  • Introduce themselves to your team

  • Provide necessary information to professionals on their shift group via Captain announcements

  • Clock in and out professionals in their shift group

  • Adjust clock in and out times as needed for professionals in their shift group

  • Mark pros that are no-shows

  • Mark pros that were sent home due to overbooking (from IW or partner)

  • Support Partner’s check-in/assignment process

  • Supervise professionals during shifts

  • Flag pros that are suspected to be fraudulent

  • Provide High Quality Ratings on professionals at the event

What does it mean for Instawork to book an Onsite Captain for me? What are the fees?

For large-volume shifts, unless the company manually selects that they are not interested in having a Captain for those shifts, Instawork will automatically book a Captain. We believe this will enhance dramatically the logistics and operations of your shifts, and will give you an option to outsource most (or all) of the managerial responsibilities included.

Onsite Captains are billed as regular pros, and if automatically booked by Instawork, will be billed on your next invoice.

How can I ensure I'll have an Onsite Captain?

Companies can always book Onsite Captains by themselves as if they are booking regular workers. When booking your shifts and selecting the positions, you only need to add Onsite Captain shifts and you'll have them added to your shifts! If you do not see Onsite Captain as an option to book, please reach out to your Instawork Account Manager to have it added.

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