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Adding Unscheduled Pros to Live and Past Shifts
Adding Unscheduled Pros to Live and Past Shifts
Written by Brett Camacho
Updated over a week ago

You now have the ability to add professionals to live and past shifts that they were not booked for, but did work!

To get started, go to the main shifts page and click the "Edit Timesheets" Button.

Click "Continue" on the "which Timesheets" screen that pops up

From the Edit Timesheets screen, select "Add a shift"

In the "Add a shift" Pop-up, you can search for a pro from your roster, and add them to their live or past shift!

note: if the professional you want to add does not show up in the search bar, they are likely not on your roster. This is a great time to add them to the roster by clicking the blue "Add them to your roster" selection at the top.

We automatically populate the business bill rate last used for that position, but you can update it down to the penny if you'd like.

Lastly, confirm the shift and the pro will be automatically added!

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