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Why did the shift get cancelled ?
Why did the shift get cancelled ?
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Following are some of the reasons for not seeing your booked shifts:

- Not confirming the shift on time. As a reminder all shifts must be confirmed at least 32 hours before the start of the shift.You will receive a notification on your app to confirm your shift and you have 16 hours from there to confirm. You can always confirm directly in the App by going into the shift section of the app, select my shifts, and then click on the appropriate shift and select confirm.

- The Partner had to cancel due to operational issues. As a reminder you can always check the status of the shift under the shift section of the app and review the my shifts tab.

What happens if my shift is cancelled with under 24 hours notice?

Instawork's mission is to create economic opportunities for Professionals and Partners alike, and we understand the impact on a Professional’s livelihood when a Partner unexpectedly cancels a shift shortly before its start time. We also understand, however, that unique circumstances sometimes force a Partner to cancel at the last minute.

To help bridge this gap, in many instances, Professionals whose shift is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled shift start time will receive up to 4 hours of pay at the scheduled shift’s standard rate. There are some situations in which Professionals may not receive compensation for a shift that is cancelled within 24 hours of the shift start time. For example, due to the nature of the work at their locations, some Partners have shorter cancellation windows. We encourage Professionals to carefully review shift postings, including shift requirements, for detailed information about the applicable cancellation policy.

In addition, there are some situations in which Professionals are not compensated with 4 hours of pay for a late cancellation from any Partner, including but not limited to late cancellations caused by :

  • Circumstances outside the Partner’s control (e.g., COVID-related cancellation or weather-related cancellation);

  • Work interruptions due to a Partner blocking the Professional within 24 hours of shift start time; and

  • If the scheduled shift is less than 4 hours and the Professional is entitled to compensation, the Professional’s payment will be capped at the number of hours scheduled (e.g., for a 3 hour shift, a Professional’s cancellation pay would be limited to 3 hours).

In all cases, Professionals whose shift is cancelled within 24 hours of its start time will not need to report to the shift location.

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