At Instawork, we value strong friendships that are developed among co-workers. So we developed a referral program to help Instaworkers invite their favorite co-workers and rockstars to join.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You invite a friend or coworker via the app
  • Go to the Earnings tab 
  • Scroll down to “More ways to earn
  • Click on “Refer friends to work gigs
  • Click on “Invite contacts
  • Select friends and coworkers and we’ll send them an invite via SMS

2. Your friend or coworker signs up for Instawork. Make sure they sign up using your unique referral link. No link - No bonus!
3. Your friend or coworker works a gig
4. You and your friend get $10 on the next paycheck as soon as your friend completes the first gig

*All referrals bonuses expire on December 31st 2018. 

Referral bonus FAQs:

1. When will the referral bonus program end? 

The referral bonus ends on December 31st. However, you can still refer friends, family and co-workers to Instawork at any time. 

2. Will I get the bonus if a friend or co-worker works a gig after the deadline?

No. You will only receive the bonus for eligible referrals that work a gig before the December 31st deadline. 

3. I invited friends and family at a party but didn't send out any links via the app. Do I qualify for the referral bonus? 

No. You only qualify for the bonus payment if you used the invite code in the app.

4. Will I be able to invite friends, family and co-workers to join Instawork after December 31st? 

Absolutely! You can continue to refer friends, family and co-workers to join Instawork so they can earn up to $30/hr on their own schedule. But the bonus will no longer apply after December 31st.

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