Occasionally, our partners will change their scheduled staff based on their productivity needs or operational updates. These changes include the number of professionals needed to work, the position needed, or the number of hours per shift. The circumstances will not impact your hourly rate, and you will be paid for the amount of time you were onsite working or the 4-hour minimum, depending on the higher number of hours reported. Therefore:

If you're sent home early:

  • At the start of your shift, you will be paid 4 hours of the hourly rate. (As long as you arrive on time!). If your shift has a captain or lead, please check with them to process your 4 hours of pay immediately.

  • During your shift, due to lack of work, you will be paid for your time worked or 4 hours of the hourly (e.g., You worked 6 hours, you will be paid for 6 hours. Or if you worked 3 hours, you will be paid for 4 hours of work.)

  • If the shift is less than 4 hours long, you will only be paid for the time worked.

If you are asked to work a different position:

  • You will only be asked to work a different position you are qualified for, if the business needs change last minute.

  • You will always be paid for the rate you originally signed up for.

  • If you decline to work a different position it will not qualify for any 4 hours of payment, and you will not be penalized ( As long as you arrive on time!).

If you're asked to work later:

  • Congratulations on earning more money! Your hourly rate will remain the same, but your earnings will be calculated based on the total time worked.

  • To ensure you will be compensated for the extra time worked, report the additional time by making the necessary adjustment in the app and clock out.

  • If you do not clock out in the app, your payment will be delayed regardless of the hours worked. Clocking out once you've finished working is mandatory.

Please Note:

  • If you're sent home due to poor performance, misconduct, tardiness, not following the shift instructions (e.g., proper attire), you will only be paid for the hours worked. If you are sent home at the beginning of the shift due to the reasons mentioned above, you will not be compensated.

  • Instawork will investigate the circumstances and determine if your earnings will be adjusted, do not contact the Partner for your payment under any circumstances.

    For info on paid backups please click here:

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