We understand that emergencies and last-minute conflicts occur; therefore, if you're unable to make it to a gig, we ask that you cancel your gig in the app as quickly as possible. Letting us know you won't be able to work your scheduled gig ahead of time helps us to find a replacement for our partners that are depending on a reliable professional to get much-needed work done.

Here's an example of how to cancel your gig in the Instawork app:

We evaluate your cancellations through the app so while you may feel like writing to our support team about your cancellation, doing so will delay our ability to get back to you. Again, we strongly recommend that you cancel through the app rather than writing to our support team.

If you’d like to appeal a cancellation or no-show, please submit an appeal by navigating to the "Gigs" tab in the app and tapping into "View details" of the gig. Provide your reasoning and attach the mandatory documentation (e.g. doctor's note, proof of car repair, jury summons). Please allow a few days for us to review and respond to your appeal.

We take every situation on a case-by-case basis, and each cancellation will be investigated.

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