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When do I get paid for my shifts?
When do I get paid for my shifts?

Information on Instawork's payment cycle.

Written by Jacky
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You'll be paid weekly for the shifts you worked the PREVIOUS Monday through Sunday.

  • Wednesdays - we process payments for the prior week (Mon-Sun).

  • Saturdays - the latest you'll receive a payment in your bank account. Some pros see money in their bank account as soon as Friday, but this is dependent on your bank.


For more information on how to set up your bank account, click here.

Please note: If you work a 1099 shift booked via the Instawork app, you're working as an independent contractor and must file a 1099 tax form to report your earnings and pay the related taxes.

What you should know:

  • If you complete your W-2 paperwork and work shifts via the Instawork app, your taxes will be deducted before your payment is deposited. Your earnings are processed on Wednesdays for shifts completed the previous Monday through Sunday. The funds will be deposited into your account no later than Saturday. For more information on W-2 shifts, click here.

  • Instapay is a feature that provides payment for a completed shift within hours (This is a feature that is currently only available for Instawork Pros who are based & working in the US). For more information on Instapay, click here.

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