Welcome to the Instawork family! We’re excited to have you on board and can’t wait for you to start working gigs. Instawork offers you the flexibility to create your own schedule and make new connections at different companies.

This quick article has a few tips from Instawork that will help you be successful.

Booking a gig

  • You can see available gigs by opening the app or enabling your push notifications.

  • Gigs get taken up quickly, so we recommend keeping your push notifications on.

  • You should review the time and location of a gig, and only book the gig if you’re able to commit to working it.

  • Make sure to read all instructions thoroughly and book only if you’re able to fulfill the requirements.

Confirming a gig

  • You'll be prompted to confirm your shift 24 hours before the shift starts. You'll have 16 hours before the shift start time to confirm your upcoming gig. This tells us that you’re still able to work that gig.

  • Confirm multiple shifts at a time (if you are working with the same partner)

  • If you don’t confirm, the gig is auto-canceled and will negatively impact your overall performance rating.

  • Make sure your SMS and push notifications are on to get a reminder to confirm the gig.

Making it to a gig

  • You can see the address and get map directions in the app.

  • Make sure your location tracking permissions are enabled, so we know you’re on the way to the gig.

  • Aim to reach 10-15 mins before the gig start time so that you have enough time to find parking and meet the supervisor.

  • On-time arrivals are monitored so that you can get paid for the whole time.

Clocking in or out

  • Make sure to clock-in using the app, when you’re ready to start working.

  • You can only clock-in if you’re at the location and your location tracking is on.

  • Clock out in the app when you’re done and confirm the hours so that you can get paid on time.

  • You get paid weekly, as long as you’ve clocked in/out on time.

Getting 5-star ratings

  • Your on-site supervisor rates your performance after every gig, so make sure to give it your best.

  • Be a great team player to everyone on the gig and flexible to different working conditions.

  • Be professional and respectful while working. Don’t use your phone during the shift.

  • Come prepared with the right attire and equipment as per the gig instructions.

  • Make sure you’re on-time and complete the whole shift.

Commitment to gigs

  • Your commitment to a gig matters the most on Instawork and helps us provide a great experience for you and the company.

  • Only book gigs if you fulfill all requirements and are able to commit to that time.

  • If you can’t make it, cancel as much in advance as possible.

  • Please avoid canceling at the last minute, as it leaves us and the company unable to find someone else to fill your shift.

  • Frequent cancellations are monitored and hinder your ability to get more gigs. You can read our full commitment policies for more information.

We hope these tips were helpful to you and we’re looking forward to helping you work on your own terms. Good luck with your first gig!

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