Editing hours and timesheets
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You have the ability to review and edit the hours and timesheets for each Professional directly in the platform.

When editing a timesheet, you can:

We've made it super simple for you! Here's how to do this (with pictures and a video)!

How it works

  1. There are 2 ways to edit a timesheet. Select a past or in-progress shift from the dashboard homepage. Or select the "Edit timesheets" button on the right side of your page.

Option 1

Option 2

2. Next, click on the "Edit timesheet" button

3. Make the adjustments you need to (edit hours, mark a professional as a "no show", select the "send home" reason, or block the professional) and click "Update". That's it!

Make changes quickly so you are billed correctly

Instawork’s pay cycle runs from Monday- Sunday.

We prevent edits by locking timesheets on the Monday following your shift. We do this to ensure your Pros are paid the correct amount on time. This also reduces future disruption for you. If you notice discrepancies after timesheets are locked, please contact your designated Account Manager or our Support Team to make a change.

If you request a change to an invoice that has already been created, the adjustments will come on a separate invoice.


What happens when I mark a Pro as Blocked, No-Show or Send Home?

Learn more about the additional actions you can take on a timesheet here.

Can I manually clock Pros in and out of a shift?

If the shift is in-progress, you can manually clock them out on the Instawork Business App or directly on the timesheet in the partner dashboard.

Will I be able to see how much I will be charged after updating hours?

Yes! When you click on “Update”, you will see a summary of the total amount you will be charged.

How long will I have to adjust shifts?

For the shifts occurring between a Mon-Sun, you'll have until the following Monday to make any adjustments.

Someone else manages our timesheets. How do we get them involved?

You can add your billing contact as a user to your Instawork account by going to Account Settings > Team Members. Learn more here.

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