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Additional timesheet actions
Additional timesheet actions

Marking Pros as sent home, no-show or blocked

Written by Olivia Clark
Updated over a week ago

In addition to adjusting Pro hours, there are a few additional actions you can mark on a shift timesheet. These actions are marking Pros as:

  • Mark as No Show

  • Mark as Sent Home

  • Block Pro

  • Clock in/out

Access the action menu by clicking the three dots all the way to the right on the timesheet next tot the Pro you want to take the action on.

Mark a Pro as "No-Show"

If a Pro does not show up to work the shift, click "Mark as No Show". This will automatically set their working hours to 0 and flag their profile for suspension review. You will confirm the change in hours and price and will not be charged for this Pro.

NOTE: If a Pro is accidentally marked as a no show you can reverse it by clicking the three dots and selecting "Reverse No Show". Just like for marking a no show, you will need to confirm the change in hours and price.

"Send-Home" a Pro

In the case where the Pro does show up to work but you need to send them home early, click "Send Home" and choose the reason why you needed to send them home.

If the Pro was sent home because your needs changed and you no longer need them, you will be charged a fee for that Pro's time. Professionals make sacrifices to work your shifts. To compensate the Pro for their time and effort, there's a minimum 4-hour charge for a shift. If the original shift block is fewer than 4 hours long, they will be paid the entire shift length.

If the Pro is sent home for any of the following reasons, you will not be charged:

  • Didn’t wear proper attire

  • Didn’t meet shift requirements

  • Was 10+ minutes late for the shift

  • Refused to work

After selecting you reason, you will be asked to confirm the change in hours and in price.

"Block" a Pro

Occasionally you may work with a Pro that just ins't a good fit for your business. By marking a Pro as "blocked" this will prevent the Pro from working shifts at your location in the future.

  • They will not be matched with your business again

  • In case this professional has booked any of your future shifts, they will be removed from all of your shifts

  • Learn more about Providing feedback for Pros here.

Clock a Pro in or out of a shift

If the shift is in-progress, you can clock a Pro in or out of the shift in real time. If the shift is passed or there is an error in the clock in or out times, you can adjust the hours directly on the timesheet.

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