Partners can easily book shift from the company dashboard. The process is detailed below with provided screenshots.

  1. Log into your dashboard and select the ‘Book a gig’ icon in the center of the page, or the ‘Book Instawork Pros’ icon in the top right corner.

2. Click on the drop down menu and select ‘Add a new location’ or choose from an existing location.

3. Name the shift and select the position the shift is for, from the drop down menu.

4. After a position is selected, select ‘One-time’ or ‘Recurring’. If the shift is a one-time shift, select the date, start time, end time, unpaid break time, and how many professionals needed.

5. If the shift is a recurring shift or multi-day shift, click on ‘recurring’. Select the shift days for the week as well as the first date of the recurring shift and the last date of the shift.

6. Fill out the start time, end time, unpaid break time, and how many professionals needed. Also, you can check the box ‘I prefer the same professionals for all dates’ if applicable.

7. If the same professional is needed for all recurring shifts click on the blue ‘edit’ icon in order to select how the shift is filled if the requested professional is unavailable for some of the shifts.

8. Add your attire and grooming preferences for the professionals. You can choose from pre-saved presets or select individual pieces from a dropdown.

9. Add shift instructions, on-site contact information, as well as a clear description and instructions for the shift.

10. Confirm that the shift details are correct. You can add a top pro booster to incentives Platinum and Gold Pros to pick up your shift.

11. Add a payment method, a purchase order if necessary, and then click on ‘Book Instawork Pros’.

Congratulations! Your shift has been booked!

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