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How do I book a shift?

Information on booking a shift

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Partners can easily book shift from the company dashboard. The process is detailed below with provided screenshots. But first, here's a video walk through of how it works! 👇

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To book a new shift, click “Book Instawork Pros” on the top right hand corner of the screen.

💡 Quick Tip: The best practice is to post at least 7-10 days prior to any needed shift date. However, 14 days is recommended for all holidays.

Choose Staffing Type

There are two options for selecting locations:

  1. Short Term staffing is good for:

    1. Maximum fill rate and responsiveness

    2. One-off events, demand spikes and last minute replacements

  2. Long Term staffing is good for:

    1. Consistent needs lasting longer than 1 month

    2. Requiring the same Pros every day and/or training is needed

Add Location Information

There are two options for selecting locations:

  1. Add a new location - Book shifts a new location you have not used previously.

  2. Use an existing location - Select a location that you have used in the past. All details that you have added to this location will pre-populate from the last time you used it.

You’ll enter the following details:

  • Location Name

  • Venue Type

  • Location Address

  • Clock-in Location

  • Parking & Location details

  • Additional Location Details

Choose Shift Schedule

You have the ability to choose between a one time or recurring schedule.

  • One time schedule - Select a single or multiple dates that are not recurring.

  • Weekly recurring schedule - Book multiple weeks at a time on a regular schedule.

Clarify Shift Details

Build your schedule by adding the following details to your booking:

  • Shift Time - Include the date(s) of the shift, break length, start time, and end times.

  • Shift Name - This is an internal name to help your team organize shifts. (eg. AM Dishwasher or Mon - Fri - Prep)

  • Add Schedules - Using the “+ Add schedule” button, you can book multiple different schedules in a single posting. (e.g. day shift and night shift schedules)

💡Quick Tip: When it comes to shift times, make sure to account for post-event responsibilities. If the shift ends earlier than stated you may dismiss the Pros, but you may not extend hours later as Pros may have other shifts to attend to.

Shift Details for on time schedule:

Shift Details for recurring schedule:

Add Position Details

Search for the position that you need, select the positions you are looking for by clicking "Add" and the specify the quantity of Pros you need on the shift.

Choose Staff

Next you will choose the staff you want to send your shift to. You have three options.

  • Auto assign Pros - This option will send shift notifications to the Pros on your roster first, then to our Top Pros, then to any other qualified Pros that match the criteria you're looking for. ⭐️This is the recommended option⭐️

  • Request from roster - This option allows you to request the Pros you love directly from your roster. When you choose this option, you can hand select the Professionals who get notified for your shift. Learn more about building your roster here.

  • Open to all - This option will send shift notifications to all qualified Pros in your area. If you have Pros on your roster, they will be included, but not prioritized.

💡 Quick Tip: Rating Pros and adding them to your roster is the best way to curate a staff that works best with your business. When you first join Instawork, you will want to have a few shifts “Auto Assigned” to build your roster base.

Add Attire and Grooming Details

Next you'll add details regarding how the Pro should appear when they arrive on site.

  • Attire and Grooming - Choose the desired attire requirements from the presets at the top of the module. For custom attire, select top wear, bottom wear, footwear and accessories needed for the shift from the drop downs.

  • Items Provided Onsite - Include any items that you will provide onsite for the Pro during their shift.

  • Restrictions - Choose from the restriction dropdowns any attire or grooming features that will not be accepted on-site.

At the bottom of the module is an open text field for any additional attire instructions you need to include.

Click Save to lock in your instructions.


Clarify Shift Instructions

Next you'll any other shift instructions the Pros should be aware of before picking up the shift.

  • Abilities - Select any abilities that are required for the specific job.

  • On-site Contact - Enter the contact information for the person that will be onsite to meet the Instawork Pros. If you have multiple onsite contacts, you can add them here.

  • Job Duties - List out all job responsibilities required of the Pro to be successful during the shift. Many partners will use a truncated version of a job description in this section.

At the bottom of the module is an open text field for any additional job details you need to include.

Click Save to lock in your instructions.

Review Pricing

Review Hourly Pricing

The hourly rate for the positions you chose will be marked at the top of the screen. Flexible hourly rates and fixed rate recommendations are determined based on location, position, date and book time. Learn more about flexible pricing.


This is a feature to help attract the best Pros to your shifts. The Top Pro Booster allows you to add a % bonus to the pay rate that is only shown for Instawork Pros that have a Gold and Platinum status, which they maintain by completing a certain amount of shifts per month with consistently high ratings.


If Pros could potentially earn tips during this shift, you can mark it in this step. Learn more about paying tips via Instawork.

Confirm and Post!

On the final page of the booking form you will review and confirm all the details of your posting. There are a few notes on this page:

  • Estimated Total - You will see an estimated total based on the shift hours booked. The final amount due will be based on the actual hours worked by the Pros.

  • Payment Method - Choose or add the payment method you wish to use for this shift.

  • Save for later - If you are not ready to post the shift, you are able to save as a draft for later and then pick up where you left off before posting. You can only have one draft at a time.

  • Save as template - When you post your shift you may be asked if you want to save the post as a template. This will allow you to rebook the same shifts in just a few clicks in the future.

When all looks good, you'll click "Book Instawork Pros" to publish your posting

💡 Note: You will not be charged until after this shift is complete for the number of hours actually worked by Pros. If using a credit card a pre-authorization hold may be placed on the card.

🎉 Congratulations! Your shift has been booked!

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