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Build a roster of your favorite Pros

How to add your favorite Instawork Pros to your roster.

Written by Olivia Clark
Updated over a week ago

As you start completing shifts with Instawork, you will find Pros that you love working with. Instawork gives you the opportunity to add your favorite Pros to a roster. You'll want to add your favorite Pros to your roster for a few reasons:

  1. Rostered Pros get first access when you post a new shift.
    When you post a shift, the very first Pros that are alerted that the shift is available are the Pros on your roster. They have the opportunity to pick up your shift before it goes through the full dispatch process.

  2. You can specifically request rostered Pros for your upcoming shifts.
    You might meet a Pro that is the prefect fit for a job you have coming up. In this case, you can book a shift and specifically request the Pro(s) who you already know would be the best fit. Learn more about how to request Pros from your roster.

  3. You can build multiple rosters to keep organized.
    You can group your favorite Pros into different rosters based on location, department, position, or qualification. Learn more about managing your rosters.

Okay great! So how do I add Pros to my roster?

After you work a shift with a Pro, you will have the option to rate them. Here, you can add the Pro to your roster. You can see all Pros who still need a rating in the "Ratings" tab.

If you haven't completed and shifts yet, you can add Pros to your roster by reviewing their profile. In the "Professionals" tab under "Browse" you can review profiles of Pros in your area and click "Add to roster" if you think they would be a good match.

You can view, manage and request Pros on your roster in the "Professionals" tab under "Your roster".

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