While we can’t guarantee an Instawork Professional's availability, you can request specific Professionals for your upcoming gigs and we will give them first priority to book your gig. 

You can request specific professionals by booking gigs from your roster. Here's two ways to add them to your roster: 

  1. By using the browse feature to search for Professionals with specific skills, experience, etc., and adding them to your roster.

  2. By leaving feedback for professionals you've worked with in the past and marking them as favorites. 

For Partners posting a gig for the first time who do not have a roster yet, we will match you with our top Professionals until you've had the chance to rate and add them to your favorites.

If you would like to book specific professionals from your roster for single-day or multi-day gigs you can do so with the instructions below:

  1. Go to the professionals tab in the top left of the company dashboard.

  2. Select 'book from roster'.

  3. Select all of the professionals that are needed for this gig. Search by name or sort by position or location. Then click on select at the bottom to continue.

  4. If this gig is only for the professionals you requested please unselect the box at the top that states "Let other qualified professionals book this gig if these professionals are unavailable". Then select your location and click on 'Next'

  5. Select the position, date, and time you need professionals for. If this is a single day gig. Click on One-Time, then 'Next' then skip to step 7

  6. If these professionals are needed for a multi-day gig, please select 'Recurring' and then select the days and time they are needed for. If the same professionals are required for the entirety of the multi-day gig please click the box that states "I prefer the same professionals for all dates" Then click on the blue edit icon to decide if other professionals are allowed to book this gig if the requested professionals are unavailable.

  7. Add the shift details for the professionals. The required attire needed as well as the on-site contact information.

  8. Confirm the details are correct and add optional insurance to increase the chances of getting this gig filled last minute. Choose the correct payment method and finish booking.

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