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Can I choose my own Instawork Professionals?
Can I choose my own Instawork Professionals?

Requesting Pros from your roster

Written by Jacky
Updated over a week ago

You now have the opportunity to choose how your staff gets requested when you are booking shifts on Instawork.

To get started, click "Book Instawork Pros" on the top right hand corner of the screen.

You'll fill out the start of the booking form as usual. In the third step, you'll see 3 options for choosing your staff.

  1. Auto assign Pros

  2. Request Pros from Roster

  3. Open to all

Auto assign Pros

Auto assigning Pros is optimized so your favorites and Top Pros have first access to pick up your shifts. Notifications that your shift is open will are sent in a tiered fashion. First notifications are sent to the Pros on your roster, next are Top Pros, and finally the last set of notifications are sent to all Pros in your area who are available and qualified for the postion you posted for.

Open to all

When you choose the Open to all option, this skips the tiered notification process and jumps right to sending notifications to all qualified Pros in your area. While Top Pros and Rostered Pros are still sent the notifications, they will not get priority.

Request Pros from Roster

While we canโ€™t guarantee an Instawork Professional's availability, you can request specific Professionals from your roster for your upcoming shifts.

For this option, you will need to have a roster built. Learn more about how to build your roster here.

When you select "Book from roster" you will then select the Pros you want to request from the pop up. You can filter Pros by name or roster type. Click "Done" at the bottom to continue.

This shift will be sent to all the Pros you request first. If the Pros you request are not available or do not pick up the shift, the shift notification will then be sent to other available, qualified Pros in your area. The first Pro to pick up the shift will get the spot.

After you select your Pros, you will see a toggle that states "If roster Pros are unavailable, let other qualified pros book the shift".
By default, this toggle is turned on. This means your shift will be offered to the requested Pros first, but if they are not available or don't pick up the shift, it will be offered to other qualified Pros in your area with enough time before the shift starts.

If you only want the shift to be offered to the requested Pros, turn this toggle off. Please note, that by turning the toggle off, if the Pros you have requested are not available, your shift will go unfilled.

You'll then add your shift instructions and review pricing to finish booking your shift.

You can view the status of your shift on the home screen on the dashboard.

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