Instawork now enables our business partners to create and manage their own roster to make the booking process easy. Below are the FAQs and a step-by-step guide on how to manage your roster.

What type of roster can I create?

You can create any type of roster from the list of professionals that are added to your default 'Favourites' roster ('Your roster' tab). You can use this feature to create rosters by location, by department, by different shift positions.

Is there a downside to booking through the roster?

If the number of professionals in your roster is too small, and if you dont open the shift to other professionals outside the roster, then there is a likelihood that your shift might not get filler. Few things you should keep in mind

  • Don't create small rosters (5-10 professionals). Instead try to have a bigger pool of professionals (40-50) in your roster so that it increases the chance of filling your shifts.

  • It is always advisable that you allow Instawork to send the best professionals to fill your shifts when you are trying to book. This improves your overall fill rate and also gives you a chance to add more (new) pros to your roster and grow your pool of qualified

How to create and manage roster?

  • When you go to the Professionals section in the dashboard, you should see a 'Manage rosters' tab. In case you don't see this tab, contact your Account Manager or our Preferred Partner team

  • In the Manage rosters section you should see a list of all your existing rosters. 'Favourites' roster is created by default which contains all the pros that you have rated 4 or 5 star

  • To create a new roster, click on 'New Roster' and give a name to your roster

  • Next you will be asked to add the professionals (from your favorites) to this roster. You can filter the list by position and location, search for specific names and then select the professionals that you want to add to the roster

  • Once your roster is created you can Add/Remove professionals from it, Rename it or Delete it using the context menu that is accessible by clicking the three horizontal dots next to the roster name

How to book professionals from roster?

  • To book professionals from this roster, click on 'Book from Roster' button and from the roster filter list select the roster that you just created. You will see a list of all professionals in the new roster.

  • You can select the professionals you want to book and move to the next step by clicking 'Continue'

  • Remember to allow other qualified Instawork professionals to book your shift in case your roster pros are unavailable. Enabling this checkbox will increase your chances of filling the shift.

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