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Why did I get paid a different amount?
Why did I get paid a different amount?

My payment amount is incorrect.

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There are a few reasons why you might see a different amount in you bank account from what you initially saw in the Instawork app.

Taxes are taken out of your W-2 earnings

If your payment is from a W-2 shift, taxes is deducted from your pay automatically. This means that the amount that goes to your bank account is LOWER than your total pre-tax earnings. You can see the amount that is going to your bank account by logging into ADP.

Adjustments decrease your hours worked

After you work a shift, the Partner will send us a timesheet for the hours you worked. So while your shift, for example, might have been booked for 1-5pm, the timesheet might show you worked from 1:10-4:58pm. In this case, you'll get paid the actual amount the Partner tells us you worked. If you believe the Partner has made an error, you can dispute your hours.

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