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How can I book Instawork Top Pros?

This article will explain how you can book the most reliable professionals near you.

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You can generally expect good, reliable people to work your shifts. In fact, Instawork Professionals have a 3% no-show rate and average 4.5 quality feedback rating across the thousands of shifts completed every day.

We also know that at times, you need the extra assurance that your day will go as planned. Perhaps it’s when you’re replacing call-outs, staffing a critical event, or building your Instawork roster of favorites. Now you have another way to attract our best Professionals.

Spend wisely with the Top Pro booster

When you use the Top Pro booster, you set a higher hourly rate offered only to Instawork Professionals who have earned Gold and Platinum level.

Our Top Pro Gold and Platinum level Professionals:

  • Worked 5+ shifts in the last month

  • Maintain 4+ quality rating

  • Cancel/no show < 1% of shifts

While we can’t guarantee you’ll only get Top Pros, only qualified Top Pros can see the higher rate, so you’ll likely attract them to your shift. You’ll only pay more when you get the extra boost in reliability.

Apply the Top Pro booster only when you want it

The Top Pro booster is an optional rate bonus you can include in your quote. You can change the booster applied for each booking, which means you can set a different % amount for any position, dates/times, or location.

Other factors to note:

  • You’ll only be charged the booster if a qualified Instawork Top Pro works that shift

  • The new hourly rate will be available right away, not applied at the last minute

  • Gold/Platinum Top Pros already on your roster are also eligible to earn the Top Pro booster

Since Top Pros have relationships with other businesses and are often in demand, we recommend setting the booster at 25% above the hourly rate. Top Pros also plan their work schedules in advance, so booking early and setting a boost will get you more Top Pros.

Look for the Top Pro booster on the pricing page.


Who are Instawork Top Pros?

Instawork's Top Pro program rewards those who consistently perform quality work through Instawork. There are different levels depending on the number of monthly shifts worked and quality criteria. The level resets every month to ensure the Top Pro is currently doing great work.

Gold and Platinum level are the most reliable professionals on the platform. You can find more details on the Top Pro program here.

Will I be guaranteed to only get Top Pros?

No, ultimately we want to ensure you get the help you need. Those new to Instawork also have qualified backgrounds. Our Top Pros do have priority access to shifts and so will likely see your shifts before others.

However, given today’s hiring environment, our best Professionals have a lot of options. So the Top Pro booster helps you stand out from other businesses, so you will more likely have your shift filled by a Top Pro.

Why do you apply the booster right away?

We want to give you the peace of mind that you’ll have the staff you need right away. So instead of applying the booster as the shift nears the start date, you’ll make it available right away only to those who have proven success. Many Top Pros also set their work schedules in advance, so you’re more likely to get them if you set a higher rate upfront.

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