Instawork Business Pricing
Written by Olivia Clark
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Partners using Instawork pay an all-inclusive hourly bill rate for each shift they fill. This rate includes:

  • The Professional’s hourly rate

  • A markup that covers:

    • Applicable taxes & fees

    • Live platform support 7 days per week

    • Occupational Accident Insurance

    • Free cancellations with 24-hour advanced notice

How it works:

During the booking process, Instawork allows you to select your hourly bill rate. And while you control what you pay, we’ll set a floor and provide you with in-market data and recommendations to ensure you’re attracting the best Professionals and achieving your desired fill rate.

Should a default rate be configured for your account, it will appear on your booking form, yet you have the option to modify it.

Here’s an example:

TIP: If you’re posting during high demand times (e.g. weekends and holidays) or in a pinch, you may want to increase your rates to entice more Pros to pick up your shift at the last minute.

Other ways to adjust Pro pay

If you want extra assurance that your shift will attract great Pros, you can also select the following in the booking form:


Why can't I set the rate as low as I would like?

Instawork sets a “floor” rate for each market, city, and position depending on minimum wage requirements, seasonality, and baseline position skill level.

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