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How do I give my team access to Instawork?

Adding new team members, setting, and managing roles

Written by Olivia Clark
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Authorize more team members to use Instawork with new user permission settings.

What roles can my team members have?

Access will be determined by the 3 roles that a team member can be assigned:

  1. Admin: Full functionality access.

  2. Member: Same access as Admin but cannot add, remove or update roles for other users.

  3. Shift Coordinator: Limited access. Can manage lives shifts, but does not have access to view financial information or spend money. Learn more here.

The full permission details of each role are displayed below.




Shift Coordinator

View Shifts

Clock In/Out

Rate Pros

Roster/Block Pros

Update Shift Details

Send Announcements

Send Pros Home

No Show Pros

Edit Timesheets

Manage Hour Disputes

Book/Cancel Shifts
(Create Shifts)

Adjust Pricing
(Improve fill rate)

View Pricing

Update Geofences

Update Company info

Add/Remove Locations

Mark Pros as Hired


Download Reports

Add/Remove Invoice Email List

Add/Remove Payment methods

Add Tips

Add/Remove Team Members

Assign/Change Roles

How to add new team members

*Only Admins can add new team members and update roles.

To add another team member to your Instawork account, you will:

  • Click the three lines on the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose “Account Settings”

  • Click on “Team members” and select “Invite team member”

  • Enter the information for the person you want to add, including their access level, and click “Invite”

  • This will send an email invitation. The person you invited will then be able to sign up and join your account.

  • You are able to resend invites by clicking on 'Resend invite'

How to remove team members or update roles

*Only Admins can remove team members or update roles.

To remove a team member from you Instawork account, you will:

  • Click the three lines on the top right-hand corner of the screen and choose “Account Settings”

  • Click on “Team members”

  • Click the pencil icon next to the team member you want to edit or remove

  • To update their role

    • Select a new role under "Access Level"

    • Click save

  • To remove the team member entirely

    • Click "delete member" on the bottom left

    • Confirm by clicking "remove"


What is the difference between an Admin, Member, and Shift Coordinator?

  • Only admins can remove other team members from the account and assign/update their roles. Members have the same access otherwise.

  • Shift Coordinators do not have access to viewing any financial information (hourly rates, invoices) and spending money on the platform (booking, canceling shifts)

How do I change or add an admin to my account?

  • Our team can assist you with adjusting the admins on your account. Contact our Support Team at to make this change.

How do I add a billing contact to receive invoice emails?

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