Before you can work skilled positions, you'll need to submit an application and get approved. We carefully review each position application and in some cases, we'll ask for more information.

My application says it "needs corrections." What does that mean?

If your application wasn't approved, you may not have provided enough information; it's important to add as much detail as possible. Our team considers applications holistically and for the best chance of getting approved, we strongly recommend adding more information than the "minimum" that you need to apply.

Here are a few tips:

  • When applying, avoid simply "checking the box." For each item on your application, you should be as detailed as possible.

  • Specifically, make sure that your work history is comprehensive. You don't want to leave out any previous experience, especially if it's relevant to the role you're applying for.

  • Recommendations go a long way in validating your ability. Aim to get at least two recommendations. As always, more is better.

What happens next?

After a brief period, you'll be able to reapply. Make sure to update your application before reapplying.

This article has tips on how to get the best chance of getting approved for a position.

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