Your Performance impacts your ability to work on the platform. Here are the stats we use to measure you performance:

Average Rating
At the end of every gig you'll get to rate the Partner and the Partner will get to rate you. Every gig is an opportunity to show off your best work! Click here for tips on how to earn 5-star ratings.

On-time Arrival
Showing up late to your gigs will have a negative impact on your performance.

Cancellations and No-shows
All cancellations will impact your performance. If you cancel your gig within 24 hours of the start time, your account will automatically lock for 10 days. During that 10 day period, you won't be able to book future gigs and you will be removed from all upcoming gigs.

If you no-show to your gig, your account will automatically be permanently deactivated.

Profile Quality
Your Instawork profile must stay complete and up to date at all times. This means having all of the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Profile picture
  • Valid phone number, email address and home address
  • Up to date work experience and references

Instawork Professionals with high performance will be the first to know about new available gigs.

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