To be respectful of Instawork Professionals' schedules, please schedule shift times as accurately as possible when you initially book your gig.

If needed, you can always ask your Instawork Professional to stay later. If they're able to stick around later than their scheduled shift, they'll continue to be paid the same hourly rate until they clock out of the gig and you will be charged the same way: the same hourly rate for the total number of hours worked. We will automatically adjust the billing to reflect the new end time so there's no need to reach out to us.

Please note, not all Professionals will have the flexibility to stay later than anticipated. If the Instawork Professional is unable to stay later than the original gig schedule, that should NOT be reflected on that Instawork Professional's ratings!

You can also send your Instawork Professional home early after completing all tasks, and in your business dashboard, you can also adjust your Professional's end time.

If an Instawork Professional is sent home for inappropriate behavior or other issues, please reach out to the Support Team to resolve the issue and request a refund. 

Check here for information on when an Instawork Professional is late to the gig.

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