How do I clock in or out of a shift?

Here’s how to track your time correctly in the app.

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Time tracking is built into the Instawork app so we can quickly record and pay you for your time worked. Here’s how clocking in and out works.

You'll see the option to clock in about 60 minutes before your start time.

Note: For their own internal purposes, certain business partners may also require you to track time on their systems or using paper timesheets. Even if you use a partner’s time-tracking tool, you still need to clock in and out in the app!

How to clock in and out

There are two different ways you can clock in and out using the Instawork app:

  1. Clock in/out codes

  2. Captain or Lead

Clock in/out codes

Most shifts will require you to get a special code from the onsite manager or shift lead to enter into your app. That code confirms that you’re onsite and ready to work.

The code is different for each day, and the clock-in code is different from the clock-out code.

If the on-site contact has not arrived yet, or does not have the code, you can select 'Can't find the code' in the clock-in screen to record the time you attempted to clock in so we can make sure your hours are correct.

Captain or Lead

Some shifts will have an Onsite Captain or Shift lead to assist with clocking professionals in.

Please make sure you check in with them so they can clock you in and out. If there is a captain or shift lead assigned, checking in with them is the only way to get clocked in.

How to clock out

When you’ve confirmed with your onsite manager that your shift is over, you must clock out in the app. This tells Instawork you’re done working, so we can process your payment.

Please Note: If there is an on-site captain or shift lead assigned, you must check out with them in order to get paid on time.

Tip: you must be onsite in order to clock out, so don’t forget to clock out before you leave! To learn more, read this FAQ.

How to adjust your time

We know that plans can change when you’re onsite. If you were late to clock in or continued working at the partner’s request after the listed shift end time, we encourage you to request a time adjustment after you finish your shift. Read this FAQ to learn how to submit an hours adjustment.

Once you submit a request, the business partner has three (3) days to review and confirm the time adjustment. If the partner does not respond within that time frame, the adjustment will be made in your favor. As soon as a decision has been made, you will receive an email.

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