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I don't see the shifts that I'm looking for in "Open Shifts"
I don't see the shifts that I'm looking for in "Open Shifts"

Here's what to do when the shifts you're looking for are booked.

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Instawork is a live marketplace โ€“ shifts are constantly being added and booked around the clock. A shift might be available one minute, but it could be booked in the next minute by another Professional.

You won't see shifts that have already been booked in the "Open Shifts" section of the app. That means when it comes to some of our most competitive shifts, you might not see them because someone else got there first.

How can I become "first in line" to book shifts when they're posted?

Instawork wants to provide a reliable experience for our partners, so new shifts are sent to pros with a history of strong performance.

Top Pros get shifts sent to them first (learn more about the Instawork Top Pro Program). Next, pros with high partner ratings and a strong track record of being dependable get an opportunity to book. Learn more about how reliability impacts your access to shifts here.

I only see shifts that are far away from me. Is something wrong with my account?

Sometimes, Instawork Partners will post shifts on the outskirts of a market, and not all of their shifts will get filled. These are open shifts, so you'll see them in the "Open Shifts" section of the app even though they're far away. This doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with your account.

You can check (and edit) your location by changing your address here.

I got a notification for a shift, but now I don't see it in Open Shifts. What happened?

Most likely, another Professional already booked the shift.

I'm looking for shifts in a specific position, but I don't see them. Why not?

You must be approved for a position to receive those shifts. First, make sure that you're approved to work in the specific position using the "Manage Positions" section of the Profile tab. Learn more about position applications here

It's possible that local Partners aren't posting shifts for the position you're interested in. The needs of Instawork partners determine the types of shifts that get posted on the platform. In certain markets, we may not have much (or any) demand for certain position types. In most markets, you'll see shifts for at least the following positions:

  • General Labor

  • Event Server

  • Bartender

  • Busser

  • Prep/Line Cook

  • Dishwasher

  • Warehouse associate

Local demand can vary. If you see a few shifts for other positions, that's a great sign that the position is supported in your region! Make sure to keep your notifications on and check the app regularly.

I don't see any shifts in the app. Do you have shifts near me?

We're expanding quickly, but we're not active in every market yet.

If you don't see any shifts at all in the app, it's possible that we haven't yet launched operations in your city. We'll get there soon!

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