Best practices for booking shifts
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Instawork makes it easy for you to book the shifts you need filled, wherever and whenever you need them. Below are a few best practices to keep in mind as you get started.

Try to book in advance

We've found that Partners who book shifts at least 5 days in advance connect with our best and busiest Instawork Professionals (Pros), but if you have a last-minute need, we're still here to help: learn how you can use the platform to get your great Pros on short notice.

Be specific in the description

We recommend that you describe the shift and shift duties as specifically as possible to help Pros understand if they are truly qualified to pick up the shift and to ensure that they show up to the shift prepared.

Remember, a Pro may not have worked with you before, and they want to be a good fit and succeed on the shift!

Review confirmation details

Most Instawork Partners operate on an all-inclusive, flexible pricing model. Under this model, when you complete a booking, you agree you’re willing to pay the flexible hourly rate quoted plus any optional bonus incentives. Please make sure you review all the details on the confirmation page thoroughly.

Understand our cancellation policy

At Instawork, both Partners and Pros are held to a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a shift within 24 hours of the start time, you may be subject to a cancellation charge. See more details about our cancellation policy.


How can I post other positions that don't appear on my dashboard?

Instawork automatically gives you access to book certain positions based on the information you provided while signing up. To inquire about other positions and their availability in your area, please contact your account manager or our Support Team at

When will Pros be able to start accepting the shifts I post?

Once you post a shift, Pros are immediately able to start picking up the shift. You can view all of your posted shifts, which ones are filled, and which Pros are scheduled to work directly on the dashboard homepage.

What is an onsite contact?

An onsite contact is a person from your business who will serve as the primary point of contact for the Pros. An onsite contact might meet Pros as they arrive, check them in, direct them to their working space, and provide an overview on the shift details and expectations.

Can I request a specific Pro to fill a shift?

Yes! You can request specific Pros from your roster for your next shift. Here’s more information on how to do that.

Which Pros can book my shift?

When you post a shift, only Pros who have been pre-qualified for the position you requested can view and book your shift.

I need to communicate an update to the Pros coming. Can I contact them?

Yes - you can send an announcement to all the Pros assigned to your shift. Announcements allow you to send a message or upload an attachment t. This can be to provide additional information or to communicate changes.

Can I change the start or end times of my shift after it has been posted?

Yes - you can change the start and end time of your shift after it has been posted. Read more about changing shift times here.

Can I cancel a shift that has already been posted?

Yes - you can cancel shifts that have already been posted. If the shift starts in less than 24 hours, you may be subject to a cancellation charge. Read more details about cancellation here.

What happens when a Pro picks up a shift and then cancels?

While seldom, it happens. Things come up and Pros may need to cancel their shift. When this happens, the shift is automatically re-sent to all the qualified Pros in the area to try fill the shift.

You do not need to re-post a new shift; we try to fill the original shift with someone new. Contact our Support Team at with any questions.

Now that we know all the best strategies for booking shifts, are you ready to learn some best practices for during a shift? Check them out here.

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