Best practices for during a shift
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Instawork makes managing your staff during your shift a seamless experience. Check out the best practices below to make sure you and the Instawork Professionals (Pros) have a smooth shift.

Download the mobile app

Once a shift starts, you might not have access to a computer. Download the Instawork business mobile app to have all the information you need at your fingertips. Download the app here.

Confirm the on-site contact

When you booked your shift, you added an onsite contact to the shift details. This person is going to be the primary contact for Pros arriving onsite. At least 24 hours before the shift starts, make sure the onsite contact is still available to answer calls, texts, or questions from Pros. The on-site contact is the only way Pros can communicate with your team directly.

Know who is on the way

You can view and track the Pros that are working your shift directly on the dashboard. That way you know who to expect and when they will arrive. We recommend reviewing who’s scheduled to come in.

Have clock in and clock out codes handy

When your Pros arrive onsite, they are going to ask for their clock in codes. These clock in/out codes are to confirm attendance and accurate time tracking. Pros can be penalized for not clocking in on time, so you will want to make sure you have them handy ahead of the shift!

Prepare to give a quick orientation

Remember, Pros are qualified for the position they pick up, but they don’t know exactly how your business operates. When Pros arrive onsite, the on-site contact should be prepared to show them where they are going to be working, what their tasks consist of, and what your expectations are.

Have an urgent question?

We have a standby Support Team ready to help with urgent questions that might come up on your shift. You can chat with them live in the app or email them at


If Pros show up late, will I be charged for the whole time?

No, you are only charged for the time Pros are clocked in and working. Learn more about what happens when a Pro is running late here.

If the work was finished a little earlier than expected, can I send the Pros home early? Am I charged for the full shift length?

Yes - you can send the Pro home early after completing all tasks. To compensate Pros for their time and effort, you may be charged a fee under certain situations. See all the details here.

If I need Pros to stay later, what do I do?

You can always ask if a Pro is able to stay later than the scheduled shift. If they can, great! Generally, they will continue to be paid the same hourly rate until they clock out of the shift. See all the details here.

What if someone gets injured on site, what do I do?

Instawork Pros are covered for onsite work injuries. If an injury occurs on your shift, the Pro should seek medical attention immediately. After the immediate danger has been addressed, contact our Support Team at or in the Live Chat to report the incident.

A Pro can report an injury themselves in the app or by contacting our Support Team. All Instawork Pros have insurance coverage. Read more about coverage here.

What happens when a Pro cancels at the last minute?

While seldom, it happens. Things come up and Pros may need to cancel at the last minute. When this happens, the shift is automatically re-sent to all the qualified Pros in the area to try fill the shift. You can also push back the start time of the shift to give Pros a little more time to get ready and head over.

You do not need to re-post a new shift; we try to fill the original shift with someone new. Contact our support team at with any questions.

Can I have Pros sign in and out of a physical timesheet?

Yes - under the shift details, you’ll click “Print” > “Timesheet” on the top right hand corner of the screen. This will give you a printable version of your timesheet for the shift.

Now that we know what to do during a shift, are you ready for some best practices for after a shift? Check them out here.

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