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Best practices for after a shift
Written by Olivia Clark
Updated over a week ago

When the shift is over, there are a few items we recommend following up on as soon as possible to meet invoicing deadlines. Plus, that way you can move on the next thing! Check out these best practices for tying up loose ends after your shift is over.

Rate your Instawork Professionals (Pros)

After each shift, you should rate and provide feedback on your experience with your Instawork Professionals (Pros). This helps us understand who you want to work with again and who is not a good fit for your business. You can specifically request the Pros on your Roster for future shifts.

Pro tip: Pros rate their experience with you as well. You will be able to view your feedback after you submit ratings and feedback for all the Pros you work with. This is to help you identify areas of strength and what needs improvement.

Review Pros’ hours by Monday

Once your shift is over, you will want to adjust and confirm timesheets and review Pro adjustments. You will want to do this shortly after your shift is over to ensure that Pros are being paid the correct amount on time and that you are billed appropriately. You will have until the following Monday to make adjustments before the timesheets are locked. Read more here.

Does someone else approve the timesheets? Add them to your team so they can access timesheets and invoices!

Make notes for future shifts

Once you go through your first few shifts, you’ll start to see what works and what does not work for your business. Take a few minutes to think about what went smoothly and what could use some work. Businesses usually find that they could improve their directions around:

  • Location & Parking

  • Shift Duties & Expectations

  • Attire Requirements

Past shifts are saved, so posting requirements that work for you will get easier every time. Working with temporary staff in a high-tech, high-touch environment has a little bit of a learning curve, but once you run through a few shifts you’ll be a pro in no time.

Love a Pro so much you want to hire them full-time?

Instawork Professionals are incredible, so Partners often want to hire them full-time or off the platform. Generally, Instawork will bill Partners a Direct Hire Fee for each Professional hired or otherwise directly engaged. See our direct hire process and fee here.


I see a Pro is requesting an adjustment to their hours - what does that mean?

After a shift, Pros have a window to request an adjustment in their hours if the billed amount does not reflect the hours they worked. There are many reasons this might happen, but usually it’s because the Pro was unable to clock in or out on time due to a technical issue. If the request is not accepted or declined within three days, the request is automatically accepted. Read more about hours adjustments.

What should I do if a Pro on my shift does not meet my expectations?

We understand that not every Pro is the perfect fit for your business. In those cases, rate the Pro appropriately with thumbs down feedback. If you wish to not work with this Pro again, you can block them from picking up your shifts in the future.

If you believe a Pro violated our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, please contact our Support Team at or in the Live Chat to report the incident.

Now that I held my first shift, there are changes I want to make to my future shifts. Can I do that?

Yes! You can make changes to your upcoming shifts in the platform. Learn more here. If you make changes to shifts that Pros already have booked, make sure you send an announcement so they are aware of the changes you made.

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